About Dr Mark

Dr. Mark Opperman

MBChB (Pret) 

Since 2001 Dr. Mark Opperman has been specializing and exclusively practicing non-surgical medical aesthetics, with a focus on integrative anti-ageing solutions. The combination of his artistic finesse, technical injection skills, and advanced knowledge of dermal fillers and facial harmony provide the basis of his natural-results approach to restoring the face back to its former, rejuvenated state.

After graduating from the University of Pretoria’s Medical School in 1999, Dr.Opperman set off abroad to practice Medical Aesthetics in Los Angeles and Miami. With predominant experience within the private healthcare sector Dr.Opperman has been exposed to numerous unique aesthetic cases and research opportunities, which has lead to his keen interest in Advanced Integrative Medical Aesthetics.

He regularly attends international and national aesthetic conferences and seminars in order to stay up to date with the latest medical research and technical advances. He also participates in advanced aesthetic workshops with fellow aestheticians to share ideas and techniques.

In 2016 he set up a specialised, one of a kind men’s clinic in South Africa- The-T-Clinic, focusing on the effects of low testosterone on body and mind. This has proven to be immensely successful with patients both locally and internationally. He has been invited to speak on the subject on numerous radio and television shows . 

Dr. Opperman has also had numerous articles published in both prestigious and mainstream publications.

Dr. Opperman believes in a holistic, step-by-step approach in assisting his patients in achieving optimal results. Each patient is assessed thoroughly and then advised on a tailor made treatment program that will address their concerns, taking into consideration their expectations, time schedules, medical conditions as well as budget.

His Motto

To give one a natural, refreshed look whilst preserving the natural facial movement and features…” Dr Opperman